3 UNIQUE SITES with exceptional landscapes, spacious and majestic

Each of the Grand Sites has its own "soul" : sublime or picturesque, lofty or intimate, awe-inspiring or appeasing, and share a common aim : preserving the "soul of the sites". The goal is to enable every visitor, now and in the future, to enjoy his or her very own "experience of the place". These sites, precious and yet fragile, are officially recognized and protected, with multiple awards and have for long been engaged in sustainable tourism.

These magnificent areas of pristine nature give you all the space you need to pause, breathe and reconnect with yourself, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Dunes de Flandre

A multifaceted region

A site that boasts unique qualities : 15 klilometers of sandy beach, more than 1,000 hectares of nature, dunes rich in flora and fauna, unique in France, an estuary like no other opening out onto the North Sea, and 1,000 years of maritime history and tradition.


Deux-Caps : Blanc-Nez, Gris-Nez

A balcony over the sea


The 23 km of protected landscapes and habitats from Cap Blanc-Nez to Wimereux boasts a rich fauna and flora, countless walking trails and hidden gems to discover;


Baie de Somme

Among the most beautiful bays int the world

Baie de Somme is a site of outstanding natural beauty, ranking among the very best bays in the world such as San Francisco Bay and Halong Bay. Here, away from the concrete jungle, you feel as though you're on the edge of the world, with bigscreen lanscapes spreading out at your feet in a stunning world of cliffs, sand, dunes, pebbles and marshes.



Driving Times London Lille Paris
Baie de Somme 3h 2h 2h30
Deux-Caps 2h 1h30 3h
Dunes de Flandre 2h 1h 3h
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Baie de Somme


dunes de flandre